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Moe Time Bath and Body Blend

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Moisturizing bedtime baby oil with special aromatic blend that helps to soothe your baby and leave your little one's skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished. This bedtime baby oil is made with natural aromas, a special blend of gentle and calming scents, this baby oil is designed to be gentle, never harsh.  Use this soothing baby oil in the evening as part of your babies Bedtime routine which is a clinically proven routine of warm bath, gentle massage and quiet time to help your baby sleep better

Ingredients: Harakeke, Chamomile, Lavender, Orange, Hemp, Sweet Almond and Argan Oil It is only natural to want the best for the little humans in your life, and your instincts tell you to nourish and protect their delicate skin with products that are nutrient-rich, safe and chemical free.

Moe time Pepe Massage Oil is a calming oil for babies designed to comfort and relax, Baby massage has been used for thousands of years to create that special bond between parents and babies and proven to have many positive benefits.  Made with love, care, and the finest ingredients from mother nature

Suitable for new-borns and up

3 reviews for Moe Time Bath and Body Blend

  1. Mihi

    Best oil out helps my girl sleep better, Love it I also use this product on my baby and we both love it

  2. Rangi Clarke

    OMG So I used the unwell pepe oil on my 6month old cause he had a bad dribble rash around his neck red n raw put the oil on at like 10pm woke up n we were amazed that it was gone just 2lil drops n walla magic ???? fully wish I took before n after pics cause the results was amazing ????
    Also bathe him in the moe time oil at night and man he has the best moe ever ????
    Fully recommend these amazing products ????

  3. Mihi

    OMG bathe her in the moe time oil at night and man she has the best moe ever ????
    Fully recommend these amazing products ????

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