Pepe (Baby) Relax Bath & Body Blend 100ml Black Cap Pumpless Container

Pepe (Baby) Relax Bath & Body Blend 100ml Black Cap Pumpless Container


A soothing blend containing essential oils that have been traditionally used in aromatherapy promoting gentle skin care, relaxation and restful sleep – perfect for use in the evening bath and after-bath massage.
Each of the recommended uses stated is based on accumulated knowledge of the way these oils have been used in traditional aromatherapy.
• Provides symptomatic relief of eczema, dry or inflamed skin, minor wounds, minor burns, urticarial and allergies
• Assists in the treatment of indigestion, mild digestive complaints and flatulence
• Provides relief of sleeplessness and mild insomnia
• Helps relieve nervous tension, stress, mild anxiety, irritability and nervous unrest
• Assists in the maintenance and improvement of general well-being
Contains: Kawakawa, Manono, Chamomile, Lavender, Hemp, Sweet Almond A gentle nourishing moisturising blend.

Enjoy a pampering massage or luxuriating bath with our generously sized Bath & Body Oil Blends. Each pre-mixed Blend features a superb combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils in a fragrant carrier oil mix and is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Ready to enjoy, the soothing oil glides over the body and absorbs into the skin leaving you feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist seek medical advice.

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