65+ and over Treatments


At Mihi's Place we believe in making Traditional Māori and Contemporary healing, health, wellbeing visible within our community, rekindling the ways of the past, acknowledging the present to reshape the future and providing empowerment and liberation with opportunities for self-awareness, self-healing in a culturally appropriate way. 

Massage has a great deal to offer in ameliorating the aches and pains associated with aging.

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Mirimiri / Massage - 30 minutes



Mirimiri is a technique used with variations in pressure with areas of focus and desired outcome.  Mirimiri also works with intuition, inspired by nature and guided by wairua (spirit).

Whitiwhiti Kōrero - Karakia



Whitiwhiti Kōrero Karakia (cultural and pastoral support). Here at Mihi's Place we have the cultural and pastoral support of a number of different kaumātua that will be more that willing to support you.