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About Mihi's Place


Kia ora and welcome to Mihi's Place,

a Traditional Māori and Contemporary healing service offering a range of treatments catering to your needs. Here at Mihi's Place we focus on providing treatments that deliver noticeable results with our highly qualified professional therapists who are passionate about Mihi's unique approach to therapy and customer experiences, your soul will thank you for it.



65+ and over treatment

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Energy Healing

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Massage Therapies

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Signature Therapies

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What my client's have to say


'Thank you Mihi you changed my life'

I had a farmlet incident a few months back. Where i had severely demaged and bruised my back as a result i was unable to do a lot of things. And with the help from Mihi whom i highly recommend i was able to continue most of my dog care service duties ans work around the farmlet with the odd day off. She not only helped me but gave me advice on different oils that would help my own dogs with anixety and or stress. so thank you Mihi from Mihi’s Place.


I came to NZ as a tourist but i left feeling like it was here i truely belonged. Never Could I have imagined what Mihi did for me, for my soul, for my spirit and for my mojo. Taking me on a Spiritual Journey of healing. Unlocking my inner pandora box so that i could heal wow what an experience. I recommended Mihi from the deepest part of my heart. Just give it a try wonderful things might happen. Did for me Just look out it was magical and wonderful to fullfill and fullfill

Probierts einfach aus - es war magisch und wundervoll reinigend und erfullen

XOX MB Germany

What an amazing experience. Never been a fan of massage therapy but i am now after a session with Mihi and not just the Mirimiri but the wairua journey as well. Thank you THP



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